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The Punta Imperatore Hotel is situated in the Municipality of Forio d’Ischia (near the bay of Citara) a mere 20 metres from the beach and 70 metres from the famous thermal spa called the Gardens of Poseidon.

The main places of interest (including downtown Forio which is only 1 km away and where you can browse the high-street shops) are easily reached by public transport. The nearby bus stop (15 metres) makes it easy to go back and forth.

On Foot or by Bike

Ischia is quite a big island. It has a road network of about 80 km, but you are better off exploring the town centres on foot. There are also plenty of pleasant countryside walks to be enjoyed.

By Car

You can drive around in your own car (be aware that cars from the Campania region and drivers who are resident in Campania are not allowed to drive around Ischia), but you can also hire a car, motorcycle or bicycle from our concierge service.

By Taxi or Bus

The public-transport service is quite efficient. It includes a standard taxi service, small Ape taxis, multiseaters and a public SEPSA-run bus service. The public buses cover the whole area and reach the various town centres on the island, operating a frequent service. Most of the buses terminate in the municipality of Ischia in the immediate vicinity of the harbour. Bus tickets are available for purchase from many different shops. Our Concierge service will help you book a private taxi at advantageous rates.

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Hotel Punta Imperatore
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