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The hotel is situated near to “Punta Imperatore” (the tip of the Emperor), which is a majestic-looking cliff once known as “Ulysses’ Ship” that, together with “Punta S. Montano” encircles the Municipality of Forio.

This is the best part of the “Bay of Citara” and on a clear day you can even see the islands of Ventotene and Ponza as well as the coastline up to Mount Circeo.

The climate and the extraordinarily diverse vegetation on the island make for truly exceptional surrounds.

By Train

There are FOUR train stations that will take you to one of the ports of Naples:


From here it is easy to reach the port of MERGELLINA (about 3 km away from the station) by TAXI, bus, tram or metro.


The station is about 200 metres away from the port of MERGELLINA.


In actual fact, both stations have direct access to Piazza Garibaldi which is about 4 km away from molo BEVERELLO in Naples and can be easily reached in TAXI, by tram or by bus.

By Plane

From NAPLES CAPODICHINO airport you can take a taxi to one of the two ports of NAPLES. It will take about 20/30 minutes. There is also a bus service that will take you directly to molo BEVERELLO in Naples.

By Car

From ROME (A1) – From BARI (A16) – From SALERNO (A30)

– 1st Route: Follow the instructions for the tangenziale (ring road) in the direction of Pozzuoli and take the Via Campana exit (exit n° 12). Keep going and follow the directions to the Port (Pozzuoli)

– 2nd Route: Follow signposts to the Port Area (Naples) and go on to Molo Beverello. Molo Beverello is near to Maschio Angioino (Castle).

Ferry boat – Hydrofoil

Check out all information about ferry boats and hydrofoils at the following link:
please get in touch if you need anything.

Info & how to contact us

Hotel Punta Imperatore
Via G. Mazzella 198 – 80075 Forio d’Ischia (Naples, Italy)
+39 081 907140
+39 081 18782646
+39 081 18782663

VAT registration number: IT07009320636
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